USA’s leading FinTech company rides on CXcherry to impart financial literacy training

Our client is a platform focused on taking the fear out of finance. They offer licensed content to help engage users through quizzes, gamified tools, videos, articles, and podcasts.
Key Indicators
Currently there are more than 500+ users trained on financial literacy globally.
About Client:

Our client has a platform which is focused on delivering financial literacy programs. They offer the licensed content to help and engage users through quizzes, gamified tools, videos, articles and podcasts. This possibly will change the way financial literacy dynamics in coming years. In partnership with CXcherry, our client scaled its training program and built interactive courses for hands-on learning in on finance and financial literacy.

The Challenge:

As per the studies compiled by the U.S. Financial Literacy and Education Commission, only one-third of adults could answer at least four of five financial literacy questions on fundamental concepts such as mortgages, interest rates, inflation and risk. This was sighted as one of the growing area of concern by our client and to meet this challenge they decided to build a robust education program to train the trainer and train the students to increase the financial literacy amongst the GenZ. Additionally, with a user base spanning the globe, our client was looking to provide its users with simplified, curriculum/topic-based training resources that matches their criteria.

The Solution:

To achieve this CXcherry implementation team went with a very systematic approach. Certain goals were set in the beginning of the implementation. Some of the key goals were-

  • Create a seamless, self-service training experience
  • Bild simplified content structure
  • Build seamless user experience

Together with CXcherry, client created an online academy for delivering these training program. The most salient feature of this virtual academy was its well-structured learning path and the way courses were build using various assets like videos, Pdf, ppts, HTML, Assessment etc. Towards the end customer was able to assess the knowledge of the user by giving an assessment and reward the successful learners with a customized certificate. Client is also using our multidomain feature to build client specific portals.


Since the launch of the online academy, our customer has trained more than 500+ users with more than 2000+ hours of training. The certificate received after completing the program add a bigger sense of achievement for the end user. In coming year, the expected number of users on the portal is 10,000 in a span of two years.

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