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Key Indicators
Many government agencies are trained through the portal for meeting compliance requirements.
About Client:

Our client is a leading strategy consulting, visual communication, and technology company that help its clients to rapidly develop and deploy innovative solutions to simplify complex problems. Their product StrategyDotZero is built on a framework that brings together planning, performance management and governance through risk and capability management, to ensure that the enterprise is aligned at all levels.

CXcherry worked with Gravityilabs to build an online academy for Customer Education and Enablement. The same academy was used to train their consultants for product training.

The Challenge:

GravityiLabs is one of the fast-growing SaaS start-up in strategy consulting space where customer education is an essential driver of maximizing product engagement. As a growing company, due to complexity, growing userbase and geographical spread, building a robust training program was the need of the hour.

The Solution:

Gravityilabs leadership team quickly realised the importance of the important of customer training to increase the product adoption and customer retention. To meet the scalability requirement with growing userbase, and geographical constraints, Gravityilabs and CXcherry team worled together in building an online customer academy to train their Customer Education. Gravityilabs team build short courses on “How to Use” the product and other relevant topics using course authoring tool and assigned those to the customer as soon as the customer is onboarded. This has not only smoothen the customer onboarding process but also has helped to increase the product adoption. The gravityiteam is also making use of our inbuild reporting section to explore some valuable business insights. Together we are delivering an optimal customer experience.


Since the launch of the online academy, Gravityilabs is able to increase customer adoption and reduce their customer support requests by almost half.

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