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Top 5 Best Practices to Customer Enablement-a Simple Guide for Saas Companies for Customer Enablement

Written By Vinay Londhe

Every Saas Company Needs to Do Customer Enablement. Here Are the Top 5 Best Practices to Customer Enablement Which  Every Saas Companies Must Use.

Customers are the root of your business, keep nourishing.

Are you keeping a tap on your customer’s post-purchase journey? To maintain a customer experience that recurs more than just a one-time sell-out, you need a strategic approach that focuses on every stage of your customer’s life cycle.

Addressing each customer’s need will create a personalized atmosphere where it feels like home and even imagines exploring other regions of your products and services.

In this blog, you’ll learn how customer enablement is a steering wheel to your onboarding programs and employ: 5 Best Practices for Customer Enablement for every SaaS company.

Use the Table of Content to Navigate The Guide.

  • What Is Customer Enablement?
  • Why Do You Need Customer Enablement In Saas Companies?
  • How A Successful Customer Enablement Strategy Improves Long-Term Customer Retention?
  • Top 5 Best Practices For Customer Enablement For SaaS Companies.


Step 1: What is Customer Enablement?

Customer Enablement is a form of the execution process, where you ensure to provide three essential tools to your customer when they buy your products & services.

#5 Best Practices to Customer Enablement [A Simple Guide for SaaS Companies]

Your Customer Onboarding, designed to enhance customer retention works frictionlessly once your overall customer experience strategies capture these three aspects from the initial stage of your customer’s journey.

Each customer has a different set of expectations for your products. Invest your time & energy in implying technical landscape to drip down groups of various people - behaviors, specific needs, engagement patterns, and product usage limitations - In short, a virtual walkthrough.

Then, develop learning styles on an intuitive-based platform to support different patterns of customer’s specific needs & expectations from your products.

Step 2: Why Do You Need Customer Enablement in Saas Companies?

Why is your customer expecting a delightful experience while using your product? Isn’t the product itself a solution? Not until the customer is fully aware of ‘how to use it thoroughly.

Especially for Software as a service (SaaS) Organizations, where products require an educative edge to be used by customers in their entirety - hence, enabling customers becomes a constant need for your subscription-based business model.

Once your customers are rolling the dice - it should be your board, showing them the lucky numbers they want to see. In simple words, if you’re strategically putting efforts into your post-sale customer experience - onboarding programs, customer enablement secures your customer’s entire life cycle since the initial stage.

#5 Best Practices to Customer Enablement [A Simple Guide for SaaS Companies]

¹. Source: Epsilon, “New Epsilon Research indicates 80% of customers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer a personalized experience.” January 9, 2018

². Source: Forrestor Analytics Business Technographics Global Data & Analytics Survey, 2019.


So, ensuring that your customers are flowing towards their personalized expectations from your product, customer loyalty comes as a progressive outcome.

And when customer loyalty is maintained, you have successfully matured them into your brand advocates.

Step 3: How a Successful Customer Enablement Strategy Improves Long-Term Customer Retention?

As an organization, you decided to invest in improving your customer’s experience - which means essentially you want your customer to feel at home when they opt for you as a brand.

Because customer’s comfort lies within the way - they seek any solution - the process until their final win.

When Industries started acknowledging the customer’s overall journey, the process became imperative, and customer success programs emerged as a marketing strategy.

Still, many organizations unable to propose successful customer retention programs because they all ensured ‘creating’ but left hanging loose ends of ‘keeping’ the strategy alive.

Successful Customer Enablement Focuses on:

  • Delivering Personalized Experience for Diverse Customer’s
  • Tailored Innovative Solutions
  • Empathetic & Reliable Customer Support
  • Ensured Customer Growth

These metrics allow your customer to grow their own valuable e-learning space that interests their win. Hence, long-term loyalty becomes an outcome of the entire experience.

Step 4: Top 5 Best Practices for Customer Enablement for SaaS Companies.

Now that you are aware of the basics of customer enablement. Let’s understand, key factors that orient in successful customer enablement. Here are some customer education best practices mentioned below:

Customer Education Best Practices

  • Reading Your Customer Wants & Needs.
  • Design An Easy-to-communicate Platform: Resource & Tools.
  • Bring The Atmosphere Of Customer Growth: Clarity Is A Treat.
  • The Touch Of Sensitivity: Reliable & Empathetic Support.
  • Now, Keep Maturing The Process: Feedbacks & Surveys.

Reading Your Customer Wants & Needs.

Your customers are the key ingredient: through guided empowerment & resourceful support, they can convince even the most skeptical buyer to purchase your services.

But, to do so, first, you must ensure that your customer’s foot is in the right pair of your shoes. Now, understanding your customer’s persona becomes imperative, so keep these pointers ready for your long whiteboard sessions.

#5 Best Practices to Customer Enablement [A Simple Guide for SaaS Companies]

How To Read Your Customers In 4 Simple Steps.

  • Employ Technology (Intuitive Data Absorption)
  • Understand Your Customer: Behaviour Pattern + Engagement Choice + Churn Points + Final Win Expectations
  • Group Them Into Different ‘wants & needs from your product.
  • Design An Easy-To-Communicate Learning space for each group.

Design an Easy-to-communicate Platform: Resource & Tools.

Easing the communication bar increases transparency amongst the customer’s community & your team leading to less churn caused. And to design a platform that manages different groups of customer’s needs, you need proper resources & tools that will allow specificity to diversity.

#5 Best Practices to Customer Enablement [A Simple Guide for SaaS Companies]

Starting with introducing technology as your landscape, you can use video hosting tools to provide a virtual tour of your new course or even your product overview.

Exercise marketing and messaging to enhance customer’s engagement with your brand. You can use in-app messages or automated email acquainting about your new products.

Keep in mind to employ your organization’s specific LMS (Learning Management System) to deliver & track your overall training that emphasizes learning. LMS is a software solution that acts like an inclusive touch-point maintaining the entire ecosystem.

What Does A Learning Management System (LMS) Offer?

  • Course Authoring Tools
  • Marketing Automation & Messaging
  • Data Integration
  • AI-Enabled Performance Support
  • Achievable Analytics & Useful In Critical Decision-Making.

Bring the Atmosphere Of Customer Growth: Clarity is a Treat.

Creating a progressive aura around customers envisions them to have a full-grown self-awareness image with your brand. This intensity of clarity will produce a sweet appetite for your customers to stick to their current stage with focus.

#5 Best Practices to Customer Enablement [A Simple Guide for SaaS Companies]

Once your platform allows space for clarity, bring reliable support to administer roadblocks that your customer might face during their learning process.

Grow your community as it gets critical for customers to socialize with their buyer’s journey and share their progress and even difficulties - Less Customer Churn. Host networking events, forums, and social media groups to enable higher customer engagement that leads to authentic conversions.

Also, you can take benefit of a customer referral program with a social community to create a better engagement with your product.

The Touch Of Sensitivity: Reliable & Empathetic Support.

When a customer faces a problem, they expect a fast & quick solution. Your dedicated support team is essential to ensure that customer problem are resolved quickly & without causing churn.

#5 Best Practices to Customer Enablement [A Simple Guide for SaaS Companies]

Focus on creating reliable support that acts to a given situation with more sensitivity - Because handling problems with empathy - create personal grounds as a problem is close to customers.

Employ social media that is becoming a popular medium for businesses to provide generic and even technical instant support to their customers.

Enable a support ticket system and keep in touch with customer’s sentiments within the community - the best or the worst experience. It helps to cover the room for improvement within the ongoing learning process.

Now, Keep Maturing The Process: Feedbacks & Surveys.

Once you accomplish these four metrics, you have successfully enabled customers towards your brand. Now, it’s time to gather suggestions & room for improvement for your product & customer success team.

Incorporate customer feedback into your services roadmap. Incorporate customer feedback into your services roadmap. And, stay in close touch with the needs & changing demands of your customers.

Collecting satisfaction data allows your team to have a clear idea about what to prioritize in future development.


Empowering customers is an investment that every SaaS company must think about because to each product, a slope of education is an imperative need of the hour. So, it needs to include SaaS customer support.

So, once you accomplish customer enablement as an initial measure in your onboarding process, you will realize how crucial it gets to build an effective customer engine.

Employ above mentioned best practices for successful customer enablement. And, also explore our upcoming reasonable blog explaining: Why SaaS Companies Must Invest in Customer Training?

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